12 Fundraising Ideas for Your Cause

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12 Fundraising Ideas for Your Cause


 1. Hold a Sing-A-Thon

Hold a Sing-A-Thon

A sing-a-thon is a fabulously fun event for singing. It involves performances by individuals and groups, from kids to adults. If you wish to raise funds for a particular cause or project, sing-a-thon can help you get people together to enjoy music and contribute to the cause. You can raise money by charging an entry fee as well as selling various concessions during the event. The audience may also request for specific songs by giving a certain amount to the leader. Therefore, if you know a few talented singers, host a sing-a-thon to showcase their talent and raise the money you need for your project.


2. Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands

If you wish to fundraise for your innovative project, you’ll be surprised at how much you can raise by holding bands competition event. In addition, such an event provides local artists with a platform for showcasing their talents to the community. To organize the event, you can ask local bands to sign up through a physical or online platform. Once you have registered the bands, you should advertise the event across the region through flyers, community event listings, email, and social media. You will be able to raise the money you need by selling tickets for the event and selling concessions during the show.


3. Hold a Trivia Night

Hold a Trivia NightA trivia night is a fun, inexpensive and effective fundraising event idea. Generally, it is a function where a group of people gathers and hold a quiz competition. Choose a suitable venue, for instance, partnering with a pub or restaurant. Promote the event by spreading the word through social media, word of mouth, email blasts, etc. Pick an appropriate date and select interesting trivia night topics that people will like and find them fun and exciting. You will be able to raise funds by charging a participation fee for the trivia teams that want to take part in the competition.


4. Hold a Themed Party

Hold a Themed PartyFundraising events that are fun always attract a good crowd. Parties are fun, and people love them. Therefore, themed parties can be a good way to raise funds for your project. Though they can be a little expensive, they attract larger crowds and can raise more money. Charge a different entry fee for guests who attend in a themed costume and for those who show up in their usual clothes. Also, you can devise other creative means to raise money during the party, for instance, do games of chance, have fun contests, etc.



5. Organize a Talent Show

Organize a Talent ShowTalent shows are a very common way of fundraising. To hold a successful one, you need a good venue and a few people to perform. You may invite local artists, comedians, or people with other talents. In such an event, you can raise money by charging a small attendance fee, and you can also sell concessions as the show goes on. Also, the show gives you an opportunity to tell the guests about your project and persuade them to contribute.



6. Organize an Office or Dorm Decorating Contest

Organize an Office or Dorm Decorating ContestA lot of people love to decorate, and everyone has a preference when it comes to beauty and elegance. Holding a decorating contest can attract many participants and audience. The participants use their creativity to come up with unique ways to decorate their offices or dorms. The audience vote with a few dollars and the winner gets a small share of the amount collected, while the rest goes towards the cause.



7. Hold a Paw-A-Thon Walk

Hold a Paw-A-Thon WalkPaw-a-thon walk is a great fun-filled event for fundraising. It is very popular and involves people coming with their dogs to walk or run for a charitable cause. It also presents an excellent opportunity for dog owners to bond with their families as well as to mingle with other pet loving families.





8. Hold a Fundraising Walk

Hold a Fundraising Walk

Walks are good for our health, but not many people have the time to take a stroll. Therefore, when you organize a fundraising walk, people are motivated and see it as an opportunity to walk for health benefits while also contributing to a charitable cause.  To organize one, start by inviting your family and friends and spread the word in the whole community.  You can raise funds by charging a participation fee and selling various products such as water, t-shirts, and hats.



9. Organize a Parent’s Party

Organize a Parent’s PartyAnother great way to fundraise is by hosting a party for parents. This is more applicable for communities that have several families. Start by getting a nice venue and then invite the parents. Prepare foods and drinks and set up a place to donate and contribute to your cause. You will be surprised at how many parents would be willing to attend the party. Parents love such parties as they give them a chance to have a night out and have a little fun. You may also have volunteers to watch over children to allow their parents to enjoy the night.


10. A Night of Cultural Cuisine

A Night of Cultural CuisineIf you are adventurous and like trying out different cuisines, this is the perfect event for you to raise funds for your cause. Have your friends and other people who love cooking bring their unique dishes. Invite people to taste the different dishes and vote for their favorite with a few dollars. You may also incorporate a performance to make the evening more entertaining.



11. Sell Used Books

Sell Used BooksIf you have several books in your store that you have already read or won’t read, you can organize a book sale event to sell them to other readers or students. You may also ask friends and supporters to donate some books and sell them as well. You may also sell your textbooks to colleges or students who need them. In addition, you can set up a table in an area or street with high traffic and sell to passersby.



12. Lantern or Balloon Release

Lantern or Balloon ReleaseLantern events are incredibly spectacular with people coming together to light the sky. Though they are mainly popular in memorial ceremonies, you can also hold the event to fundraise for a cause or project. Invite family members, friends, and other interested people and tell them about your project. You can decide to charge them per lantern or balloon, or you can setup a donation box for people to contribute. You may also hold the event together with another such as a dinner.